There are many events in my life that led me to where I was before I joined the #BiteSizedArmy. I developed anorexia when I was just 15 years old and quickly started losing weight. I was depressed, sickly thin, and was neglecting my most valued relationships.

Throughout my college years I used to binge drink 4-5 times a week and certainly didn’t eat healthy. After I graduated I obtained a desk job and mindlessly munching led to an additional 15lb weight gain. The next year, my husband, who was serving in Afghanistan stepped on a landmine and was severely injured.

He retired from the army as a wounded warrior, we had our first child, and the struggle to take care of my family caused me to put my own healthy second.

After a while, I realized I couldn’t take care of my family if I wasn’t taking care of my own health and well-being. I started dieting, but felt as though my anorexia tendencies were starting to reappear, which was a vicious cycle I did not want to start. I decided I needed to find a different approach to healthy eating and exercise.

With nowhere to go, no coach to turn to, I was so thankful to have the chance to work with BiteSizedFitness and follow her workout plan!

The past 12 weeks have truly changed my life. I now live a more balanced lifestyle and have gained healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Every week during the program was new, challenging, and exciting with different workouts and countless meal ideas.

I never felt hungry and gained a ton of energy! Having other women in the #BiteSizedArmy to depend on and turn to with questions made the process easy because there was a huge support system there every step of the way.

My favorite moment during the 12-week program was having an acquaintance from the gym ask me if I was prepping for a competition. He noticed that I was making incredible progress toning up and losing fat in the last few months. BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!

BiteSizedFitness has without a doubt given me the tools and knowledge needed to live a healthier and happier life. I will continue to use the workouts and nutrition plans even though the program is over... and I can’t wait to see even more results!