I've been best friends with Alyse since high school. I watched her start this journey of fitness her senior year where she did endless amounts of cardio, and checking the calories on a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.Definitely not my idea of fun. When we split for college, that's when she really learned about fitness. She also learned how to create a diet that was satisfying to taste, but helpful to the waist.

Her body was transforming amazingly, so it was time to start working on mine. Without her being around me constantly, I had failed on multiple occasions. My success story started when I moved to Las Vegas. In order to get the bartending job of your dreams, you have to be fit.

I didn't want to lose the lifestyle I enjoyed (having cocktails, and trying new foods). The Bitesized app made it really easy for me to create fun meals and snacks, so I didn't feel like I was neglecting myself. It started to become a fun hobby to find Pinterest recipes and swap out ingredients for a healthier option. I couldn't taste the difference!

Bitesized workouts always make me feel the burn the next day. What I loved is that BiteSizedFitness always has a plan for you, and if it doesn't work, Alyse is always available via email to give advice.