Like many women, Audrey used to be obsessed with her weight, always striving to get the number lower and lower. She used to follow a very restrictive, low-calorie diet that always ended up with her binging on anything she could find, like cookies or mac and cheese.

One day she woke up and realized she wasn't happy with herself… and that she was the only person who could make a change!

Audrey started eating healthier and set aside time to exercise, especially in the form of weight training. In the last few months, Audrey has become stronger and happier than she ever was before. She currently follows a “flexible dieting” meal plan, which is very similar to the nutritional guides provided on our website. And do you know what? She has stopped binging on unhealthy foods!

I was honored to find out that we've inspired Audrey to continue to work on her transformation and that our website has taught her more about fitness than she ever knew before!