I will never forget the day my sister, Alyse, came home college wearing a cut-off American Apparel tank top and the tightest pair of skinny jeans you’ve ever seen. She was 105 pounds of solid muscle, 6 pack abs, perfectly toned shoulders… and when she walked in our front door, my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

She looked absolutely stunning! It was only a matter of days before I realized her transformation had changed more than just the way she looked; it had changed her entire outlook on life. She had the biggest smile on her skinny little face and wanted to take pictures for the first time in the last 10 years!

I share this experience because that day that changed my life forever. When you have a sister, it’s normal for the world to make comparisons. I’ve always been the naturally “skinny” sister unable to gain weight even while eating fast food at least once a day. But at that moment, I felt like the “not so healthy sister”, which was something totally new for me. Seeing Alyse’s transformation into a strong, fit young woman motivated me to make a change, but first I needed to learn how!

At that time, I was doing at least an hour of cardio every day. I ran in order to cancel out my unhealthy diet of fried chicken fingers, pizza, and cheese sandwiches. I didn’t lift weights and I certainly didn’t eat vegetables. Needless to say, I needed some serious HELP. Enter BiteSizedFitness =)

Al’s first tip was to keep a journal containing everything I ate and how I felt. Over the course of a few weeks she helped me eliminate one “bad” thing at a time and gave me ideas for delicious substitutes that made eating healthy enjoyable. The absolute hardest thing was trying to change my incorrect assumptions about eating. I always thought the less you ate, the more weight you’d lose and the better you’d look. Well, I was wrong and my new shape is a perfect example of the power of a well-balanced diet.

Currently, I weigh MORE than I ever have in the past and I couldn’t be happier. Lets face it - the scale is just some stupid arbitrary number.

When you’re at a party, no one decides how good you look by asking your weight… They just look at you… and with a healthy diet, they are going to say, "YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

You know her as BiteSizedFitness. I know her as Al.

Either way; working with this chick has been one of the best things in my life thus far!

Without my sister’s help, determination, and creative solutions, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She is an outstanding role model for everyday women struggling to create a balanced lifestyle.

Alyse is just like you. One day she decided to change her life. She struggled to break old habits, and failed time and time again. She learned. She improved. She stopped caring about what other people thought of her new lifestyle choices.

And finally, she found what truly makes her happy.

Alyse is the only proof I need to know that hard work and dedication always leads to success!