I was an athlete in high school, which helped keep me in shape and comfortable with my body. If you fast-forward 3 years and add an extra 30lbs, then all that changes! The weight gain  started when I got engaged and did a little too much celebrating. I would try on wedding dresses and hate how my stomach showed in all of them.

I mean, who wants a baggy wedding dress?!

At this time I was also working at a women's clothing store with tons of really cute clothes. Even with my employee discount, I felt like I couldn't pull anything off because of my belly, arms, and cellulite! One day I looked in the mirror and just started crying because of my reflection.

So you guessed it - I decided to do something about it! I took baby steps over a period of months. I started going to the gym, but wasn't consistent until I realized how unsatisfied I was with what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to be happy, healthy, and beautiful... not only for my wedding & soon to be husband, but for myself.

BiteSizedFitness provides such a great program that keeps everything new and fun each week. Plus, it was super easy! The best part about the workout programs is how simple they are  to follow. The website was so incredibly motivating and consistent with updates via email! I love being able to interact with other women going through the same thing 🙂

I’m already down about 17 POUNDS, but have turned a lot of that fat into MUSCLE. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm on my way!

I look in the mirror and SMILE now instead of crying! I have a lot more energy, and am overall happier.

I also get compliments from family and friends all the time! I look forward to going to the gym now, and even joined a cross fit gym for an additional challenge.