Over the past 12 weeks I have.... Worked crazy hours, had a death in the family, felt like giving up, been lazy, had one to many cheat meals, slacked in the gym, whined like a baby, and tried to justify the lame excuses I was making.

Everything listed above was actually worth it. Crazy right?! I found out that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever thought. I realized we all struggle to get where we want, that’s why it’s called a challenge.

I was pumped when I saw results, and bumped when I did not. I was upset when the scale didn’t reflect the effort I was making and the changes that I felt.


When I realized the scale wasn’t saying what I wanted, I started to measure myself. Ahhhhhh, yes I love measuring tape now. The measuring tape said what the scale wouldn’t... The program was working and I was losing inches like crazy in all the right places!

I remember when I was fresh out of the police academy at 5’2, 128 pounds of sexiness. I felt great, I looked AMAZING in clothes, and better yet I made my clothes look amazing. I was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weighed about 128-132 pounds for almost 2 years.

Then, all of the sudden, my pants started fitting a little tighter. Of course, I didn’t pay much attention to the change. Then I started to look bloated, ughhhh not a got look. I stepped on the scale and I’d gained 5 pounds (137), then I gained another 5 pounds (142) then another 3 (145). I was so discouraged and demoralized. I was back at my high school “fat weight”. I was miserable then and miserable now.

One day I came across a page called “BiteSizedFitness”. I followed Alyse’s every move for months and months because I was so inspired by her. The motivation was on point, her body was awesome, and she was just so realistic and easy to connect with. Whatever she posted, I tried to add to my workout routine. I was so pumped when she created  because I really wanted to educate myself about fitness and healthy eating.

I had 12 weeks to get my S*** ON POINT!!

I was excited, nervous and doubted my ability to successfully follow the eating and workout regime. But I got it done; I hated cardio with a passion. But I did it, and sometimes I ran longer than required. I felt better when I ate healthy, hell I looked better too. Honestly, then I fell off: that laziness kicked in.

I’d get off work, and some days I’d just decide not to go to the gym. That’s why you need someone else to motivate you, and that’s why I needed my #BiteSizedArmy! I started banging out 2 workouts in one day and was feeling much better. Not to mention, I finally realized you can’t out work a bad diet. You can train all day long, but if you aren’t giving your body the proper nutrition, then it’s pointless.

Over the course of 12 weeks, I have learned what type of food my body responds to negatively and positively. I learned what’s going to get RESULTS, and I’ve learned to be CONSISTENT.

Even though my initial challenge is over, my journey DOESN’T stop here. I still have more fitness goals to meet. This is a lifestyle, a lifestyle I hope to pass on to others. A lifestyle I hope to continue to share with my #BiteSizedArmy and whoever else is willing to listen.

I am proud of what I have accomplished, again this is only the beginning. After this challenge, I know I want to compete in a fitness competition someday... and I’ll know exactly what to do to get there!