Allison played softball and tennis for 15 years, but stopped sports all together when she went away to college. In fact, like many of us, she let her new experiences get the best of her body. Allison ate anything and everything she wanted and was going out every weekend.

She had full access to an all-you-can eat dining hall, which really meant GREASE GREASE & MORE GREASE (along with tons of cookies and dessert). When she returned home, she realized she had lost her active figure and gained more than just the "FRESHMAN 15".

After a sudden and unexpected break up (immediate following her 21st birthday of course), she went back to party mode and continued to place her health second.

In December 2013, she started feeling ill and in January 2014 was diagnosed with kidney stones. This was her “ah-ha” moment and she decided it was time to get her life back on track!

For the first several months, Allison changed her eating habits completely and saw a ton of progress.

She heard about the program and knew this workout program was the perfect opportunity to get back in shape. She loves how we separated the workouts by day and muscle group in order to make it super easy to follow.

Allison has gotten so many compliments on her progress and it makes her feel great about herself.

In her words, “I couldn't thank BiteSizedFitness enough for this eye opening experience."