What struggles have you faced when trying to lose your post-baby weight?

I’ve always been consistent with my workouts… that was until my pregnancy. I had issues from the start with high blood pressure and swelling, so I had to discontinue exercise. I gained almost 100 pounds, and after 44 hours of labor my 10 1/2 pound son was born by c-section.

Since I’d never actually had to lose weight before, my new body was a shock. Between the weight gain and the c-section, I fell into a depression. Six weeks after giving birth, I decided to start working out again, only to become depressed when the number on the scale didn't change.

How has BiteSizedFitness helped you on your weight loss journey?

I found BiteSizedFitness last year and have been following the programs since! I'm so happy with the results thus far, and it's still a work in progress. Alyse's programs have helped me get my eating back on track!

That's the most important part of any weight loss program. The exercise guides really made it easy, and it got me back into the weight room and over my self consciousness. I love learning new moves and having a different workout each week has kept me from getting bored.

What are your current fitness goals?

I'm looking forward to getting my flat stomach back. Hopefully next time I can bare my belly... c-section scar and all! I have a cruise and a best friend’s wedding to look forward to this year and I just want to be the very BEST version of myself.