Britt's Story

160 lbs to 138 lbs -  36% to 28% body fat -  5'1"  -  26 years old

When it comes to my health and fitness journey, all I can say is that the struggle is real! Truth be told, I’ve always liked food way too much; however, it wasn’t until I stopped running track and playing soccer that my love of stuffing my face began to show.

My utter lack of discipline is what led to an unwanted 20 POUND weight gain.

And yes, I’ll call it what it was – A FOOD ADDICTION.

Although I probably wouldn’t admit this a few months ago, I legit was addicted to eating. Crazy right? But it’s true. Happy. Sad. Angry. Anxious. Excited. Whatever my mood, it was always the perfect opportunity to “treat” myself.

And by treat, I mean, stuff my face to the point of sickness. I got pleasure from eating yummy food like cakes, cookies, brownies, and any other dessert that were available.

Unfortunately, my pleasure would last only as long as the bites I was taking. Immediately after gorging on goodies, I would feel guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

I would scold myself for being so uncontrolled while simultaneously promising ‘This Monday I’ll get it right and start my diet!’ Well this Monday led to next Monday, which led to next Monday…YEARS of Mondays came and went and still there was no change.

As the weight continued to pile on, my self-confidence began to sink lower and lower.

I HATED my body and I hated myself for letting it get to that point.

The emotional roller coaster of self-loathing and promising to get it right next time was exhausting and tormenting.

In one moment, I would be ready to jump on the healthy bandwagon and the next moment, I was filling my shopping cart with kettle corn, cinnamon rolls, and salted caramel ice cream.

Am I a freakin’ lunatic?

I mean, I know what was right and what I needed to do to get in shape – I was an athlete for 6 years! And still, I refused to take the steps necessary to get my life under control.

I let myself down.

It got to a point where I felt defeated and almost depressed when it came to my weight – it seemed HOPELESS.

The more I tried, the more I failed and my spirit was bruised from disappointing myself over and over again.

I never saw myself getting past the binge eating, fanatical dieting, depressing shopping experiences. I’m glad to say, I was wrong…

There comes a point in your life where it’s necessary to have some honest conversations. And sometimes those conversations are helped along when your pants won't even button or it looks like someone stuffed your face with marshmallow fluff.

Honestly, I got tired of AVOIDING PHOTOS because I didn’t want to look fat or skipping out on water park trips because I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit.

When I was living a life void of self-control, I was not at peace.

In fact, I was in bondage. To me, it’s the perfect analogy.

Struggling with weight and food issues is like being shackled down in prison.

The point I decided to change was the point I could no longer take the darkness – that's when I took the #BiteSizedChallenge.

Working with Alyse and connecting with the #BiteSizedArmy gave me the community and accountability that I needed to keep pushing forward.

The one thing I know for sure is that the main ingredient to success is consistency.

I was very good at keeping up with a program or regimen for two weeks, but after that, I would start getting weak.

Luckily, my bite-sized sisters kept me motivated and inspired to continue my journey week after week.

In addition to support and love, the tools and resources provided by BiteSizedFitness were exceptional. The exercise charts and nutritional guides were thorough and easy to following, making it a breeze to stick to the program.

I went to the gym each day confident and knowing exactly what I needed to conquer.

These tools combined with my new-found discipline proved to be my stairway to success.

My FAVORITE experience during challenge was actually when I got injured. Weird, huh? I was at the gym, getting my workout on, when felt a pop and a jolt of pain up the back of my leg. Immediately after feeling this pain, my warrior spirit took over. “Screw this hammy, I’m only 30 minutes into my workout so I’m going to finish.”

Well, my body had other plans and I came to the realization that this injury was serious. Once the shock of what just happened settled in, the warrior spirit faded away and I had to face the reality that all of my hard work, effort, sacrifice for the past 9 weeks could go away because of a stupid injury.

I saw it all slip from my hands and I fought back tears that day as I limped from the gym to my car. You see, by week 9, I was so focused on my goal weight, that nothing could stop me.

At this point, I needed to lose 2 pounds for the next 3 weeks in order to hit my goal. I was relentless in my pursuit of a healthy weight and that muscle strain was a major stumbling block.

So, I did what any girl would do. I reached out to my #BiteSizedArmy. All the girls encouraged me, but a late night text from Alyse resonated in my soul. “Your nutrition just went from 80% of your results, to 100%!” Hmm… could I really use nutrition alone to lose weight?

I didn’t have any other options, so I committed to eating completely healthy for an entire week (by complete, I mean no cheat meals). Although I couldn’t lift, lunge, run, cycle or do any cardio using my legs I watched everything that I put in my mouth and if it wasn’t on the bikini plan Alyse sent out, then I wasn’t eating it. To my surprise, a full 7 days later, I got on the scale and wha’dya know?

I LOST 2 MORE POUNDS of weight and dropped down another 2% in body fat. I could not believe it!!!

My smile ran from ear to ear that day knowing that my goal was still in sight and it gave me the turbo boost I needed to finish the 12-week challenge strong.

I will never forget the feeling of victory and satisfaction I felt after getting off the scale that day.

It wasn’t about the number; it was about the fact that I blew my own mind and made myself proud.

There’s no better feeling than impressing yourself!!

The workout plan, nutrition guides, and support were excellent, but what I’m really taking away from this experience is something that has been missing from my life for the past 8 years…self-discipline and self-control.

Without these two things, you will falter again and again. But with them, nothing is impossible!

I may have lost 20 pounds, almost 7% body fat, and the desire to eat my emotions, but more importantly, I’ve gained. I’ve gained the mental strength to tell myself “no” when there’s an unhealthy decision on the horizon.

I’ve gained the confidence to set ambitious goals and not be afraid to go after them.

I’ve gained the happiness and joy that comes with truly loving yourself inside and out.

And I’ve gained freedom from the bondage of an unhealthy lifestyle.

No more binging. No more hiding. No more hating myself. Ever.

My latter years will certainly be greater than my former and I can’t wait to experience what life has in store for me…all in my #BiteSized Bikini of course!