Why did you decide to make your life healthier?

My fitness journey started in 2010 when I was a nursing student. Seeing the effects of obesity on my patient's health made me want to make a change in my own life. If I had to preach the importance of maintaining a healthy weight then I had to practice it as well. I couldn't very well encourage my patients to loose weight when I myself was overweight.

What were the first steps you took toward making a change?

At my heaviest I weighed around 158lbs at 5'1. I began my journey to a healthier life by purchasing an elliptical trainer and spending 30 mins/day 4 days a week on it. I cut my calories drastically and the weight began to come off.

What were some of the challenges you faced at first?

Honestly, learning to eat the correct amounts of each food group was challenging for me. How much protein to eat, when and when not to eat carbs, etc. Also, I had to learn to love the gym. In the beginning I dreaded going to the gym each day, but now I am completely addicted to it and if I am unable to go for some reason, I turn into a monster =)

How did you find #BiteSizedFitness?

About a year ago I joined a gym and began weight training. I started seeing the results I was looking for, but the same gym routine became boring. I began to explore other options. I found BiteSizedFitness on Instagram about 4 months ago and tried the free gym program.

I started seeing results within a couple of weeks so I purchased the Bitesized360 program. I am currently on week 9 and am loving every bit of it. Also, instead of limiting my calories to the very minimum, I began food prepping and increased my protein intake. BiteSizedFitness is an incredible program and is perfect for a working chick like myself!

What would you tell other women just getting started?

I used to cover up at the beach...now, after 6 weeks of your gym program I'm happy to say I feel comfortable in a swimsuit!

My advise for everyone starting out is DO NOT make excuses. I was the world’s worst at making excuses for why i didn't have time for the gym and excuses don’t burn calories. Spending a 30 minutes to an hour each day for exercise in reality isn’t much of your day in the scheme of things.

I found that I really started seeing results once I began food prepping. I spend Sunday afternoons prepping food for the entire week. I choose a couple of protein sources and a variety of vegetables for each week. My favorite quote is “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Good luck fitness friends =)

PS: I'm a full time surgery nurse and I'm in Nurse practitioner school full time-so it CAN be done 🙂