What was your biggest inspiration to finally change your life?

Although my mom was not very helpful growing up, she has been my biggest inspiration and cheerleader as an adult. About a year ago, she came to visit me and we went running every day she was in town. She was training for a half marathon, and I thought “she’s twice my age and can run circles around me!” I decided to start running. Then I started to eat healthier. Then when I started my job, one of the benefits was a gym membership, so I started to lift weights. Now the girl who refused to exercise basically her whole life is addicted to the gym. One of my big goals is to run a race and keep up with my mom!

Why do you think you haven’t succeeded in the past?

In the past, any desire to change was fueled by self-loathing. I hated my body and wanted to look like someone else, or I was convinced that losing weight would “make” my crush like me, or I saw an unflattering picture of myself. Now, I try to focus more on what my body can DO and be thankful for it. It really helps me remember I’m improving my health because I love myself, not torturing/starving myself because I hate myself. It’s not always easy, but I try to think about pushing myself to be the best I can be because I want the most out of life and because I love ME even when I don’t love my reflection in the mirror.

What makes it hard for you to eat healthy?

I guess my biggest hang up would be dinner… it’s a little disheartening when your husband gets a double portion of what you eat AND ice cream later that night. It’s also hard living with another person who can have junk food in the house and eat it whenever and not have a big effect on his weight.

What’s the most important thing you learned during this program?

I feel like I learned the “secret” to nutrition- 5-6 small meals a day! The secret is never let yourself get hungry, and find enjoyable foods to eat throughout the day. I constantly feel like I’m treating myself, and I love it. I will never go back to 3 small meals or less than 100g of protein a day. I love what I’m eating, how it makes me feel, and that I now think of food (especially carbs) as fuel.

Weight loss and FAT LOSS are not the same thing. Shoutout to @WhitneyKammer who lost between 1-2 lbs of FAT during each week of the #BiteSizedChallenge (about 20 lbs total) ???? Real weight loss takes time. It takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Sure, there are a lot of quick fixes claiming you'll drop "10 lbs in 2 weeks” But it’s mostly water weight from unsustainable changes ?? STOP FALLING FOR THESE SCAMS! I promise if there was a quick fix that actually worked, then over 2/3rds of the U.S. population wouldn't be overweight or obese. I have no doubt that in a few months Whitney will have abs… even better yet, she will also have developed the habits to maintain her result forever! #TheresNoSubstituteForHardWork #GetResultsANDMaintainThem #BiteSized360 ?? www.bitesizedfitness.com

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How did you like using the meal plan algorithms?

I found them incredibly easy to follow! It’s nice that just about anything (besides junk food) can be eaten. Like eggs? Eat eggs. Like oatmeal? Eat oatmeal. Hate cauliflower? Don’t eat cauliflower. It has been amazing to have variety and eat delicious and healthy things every day. I also love the app, I’m constantly telling people to download it. I think I downloaded it the first day it was available. I still can’t believe it’s free- it seems too good to be true! It’s easy to follow and takes the guess work out of making a gym routine.

Do you think you’ll be able to maintain your results?

YES! I’m addicted to exercise, and I will never go back to eating the way I did before. I actually enjoy cheat meals more than I ever enjoyed eating unhealthy food regularly! I have really learned to think of fitness more objectively, too- will that donut get me closer to my goals? No- so I won’t eat it. I can’t wait to hit my ultimate goal weight, and then I’m excited to experiment with maintaining that weight. The journey is as enjoyable as the destination at this point. And, I’m so much more in love with my body now! So even if I get tired of restriction my food intake, I can take a week or two to maintain it, and then get back on the wagon to lose. It just seems manageable now, no matter what.