Throughout high school I was extremely active. I participated in competitive cheerleading, ran all the time and was always in pretty good shape. Once I hit college I started balancing the common struggle of working over 40 hours a week on top of being a full time student.

I stopped being as active and would maybe hit the gym once in a blue moon and take a stab at the elliptical or treadmill and call it a day. My story is a little different from most in that I was never “overweight” or “fat” to begin with.

In fact I was small and skinny to everyone who knew me. But even though I had a smaller frame, I wasn’t happy with my body. I had EXTREMELY bad eating habits - I’m talking a diet of Cheetos, queso, and frozen dinners that I could quickly throw in the microwave in between work shifts and classes.

Although I never looked large or unhealthy to others, it was always a constant struggle for me on the inside. Because I was skinny didn’t mean I was healthy or toned and in fact I often had problems of fatigue and never had energy.

I got tired of being called: “skinny” or “bottomless pit”, and the constant comments of how I ate and how my body was still small because to me I wasn’t in a condition where I loved my body and started feeling guilty when people would make the comments of me eating so bad.

For me the journey was not only a journey to having a killer body (although obviously that is a motivation) but it was also about turning around my lifestyle and creating better habits to keep my body and healthy and nourished in the right way.

The experience I’ve had working with BiteSizedFitness and being apart of the #BiteSizedArmy is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. As I’ve said I’ve always been pretty active and involved in team activities and atmospheres, but the connections I have made through this experience go beyond feeling like a team.

It is one of the best feelings knowing that no matter the struggle, no matter the challenge, there are  group of girls there for me that are more than willing to help motivate, push, and get each other through it because we know exactly what its like. We are all on the same journey and have such similar situations and experiences that we go through yet we also have so much to offer each other.

From the ideas, pep talks, motivations, food options – the #BiteSizedArmy has supplied me with everything I could ask for to become successful. So many people in the fitness industry want to promote their programs and meal preps but not one of those can provide the community that BiteSizedFitness does.

It is literally like an FAQ for dummies that makes it so easy for anyone at any level to get involved in. It has given me so many opportunities and answered so many questions for me.

I am forever grateful for the relationships this challenge has given me, and the relentless passion Alyse has for each and every one of us. A year ago when I started following Alyse on IG, I had no idea I would be sitting here today following her plan, taking her challenge, and working my butt off to make her proud. You are my role model, my rock and my inspiration.