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Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.

We use cookies to help identify your computer so we can tailor your user experience, track shopping basket contents and remember where you are in the order process.

You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly.

The following is strictly necessary in the operation of our website.

This Website Will:

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The following are not Strictly Necessary, but are required to provide you with the best user experience and also to tell us which pages you find most interesting (anonymously).

Functional Cookies

This Website Will:

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Targeting Cookies

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This website will not

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What if I have a Specific Question? 2016-10-13T17:20:20+00:00

For all specific questions, we recommend joining us for our weekly Live FB Office Hours.

We built this community for you to find inspiration, motivation and ask any questions you might have!

Always feel free to ask your questions in our Private FB Girl Talk Group whenever they arise.

You can also reach our team via social media @bitesizedfitness and @bitesizedsis.

Transformation Feature 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

We recommend you take “before” photos of yourself before beginning the BBL course.

We would also love to see your progress and the results you’ve achieved!

If you'd like to share your transformation photos with us and the #BiteSizedArmy, please feel free to send us an email to support@bitesizedfitness.com with your attached transformation photos.

Please use "My Transformation" in the subject field and include the original files, as opposed to edited versions.

Private FB Group 2016-10-13T17:17:12+00:00

Here you will find a community of like-minded women who are all working to create a happier and healthier life.


If you have any questions about any of the topics covered in this course or if you need some extra support, then drop a comment because we're here to help!

What Supplements Do We Recommend? 2016-10-13T17:23:43+00:00

Our course is designed to teach you about nutritional supplements as a whole, including what they can do and can’t do.

Most of the supplements mentioned in this course are 1st Phorm Supplements because they are products we’ve used to accomplish our transformation.

If you have any specific questions on supplements, then check out: www.1stphorm.com.

Price & Availability Of Suggested Food 2016-10-10T00:00:05+00:00

All of the ingredients included in our nutritional guides should be easily available at a local supermarket/grocery store.
We have worked to make our program both simple and affordable to ensure that all women can benefit from this plan.

Daily Calories & Calorie Counting 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

You will not need to count calories as part of our meal plan guides.

For the majority of people, calorie counting can be a very tedious, difficult, and frustrating task.

If you are interested in obtaining a personalized macronutrient calculation, please contact our customer care team at support@bitesizedfitness.com.

Dietary Restrictions & Allergies 2016-10-09T23:55:09+00:00

Our nutritional guides provide recommendations on how to adapt your meal plan to suit common dietary intolerances, such as lactose and gluten-free diets.

We have also created meal plans for vegetarians that include over 100 options to prevent boredom and ensure a well-balanced diet.

What Does the Nutrition Guide Include? 2016-10-09T23:54:48+00:00

Our one-of-a-kind nutrition program makes healthy eating easier than ever.

By providing you with a variety of meal plan options based on the timing of your workout, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of foods and food groups each day.

All of the food recommendations are simple, affordable and available in most supermarkets around the world.

Additionally, our course provides tips on cooking, meal prep, dining out, and essential snacks for traveling.

Are There At-Home Options Available? 2016-10-13T17:20:57+00:00

BBL at-home workouts target the arms, abs, and booty and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. 

You can complete the BBL At-Home Workout Program using just a small amount of equipment (listed below) and some free space.

  • A Flat Bench
  • Yoga Matt
  • Stairs/Box
  • Dumbbells (5 or 10 lbs)
Do I Need A Gym Membership? 2016-10-09T23:52:52+00:00

We believe you will get the best results from training with weights.

The majority of our workout program is designed to be completed using common gym equipment, including:

  • Dumbbells & Barbells
  • Exercise & Medicine Balls
  • Flat Bench
  • Cable Machine

If you are unable to obtain a gym membership, then we also provide at-home workout options.

Are Workouts Designed For All Levels? 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

Yes, the workouts are designed for personal modification.

The best part is, it’s your workout, so you’ll be able to control the level of difficulty.

We’ll provide modifications to make the workouts manageable and enjoyable for beginners, as well as strategies for increasing training intensity for more advanced gym goers.

Will I Be Able To Workout With A Busy Schedule? 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

Yes, absolutely!

Our course is designed for women of all lifestyles, especially a busy lifestyle.

We’ll provide you with specific examples of how to modify your workout each week based on your personal schedule, including travel and vacations.

No Customer Service Reply 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

Our Customer Service Team aims to get back to all emails within 1-3 business days.

If you have not received a reply from our Customer Service in a timely fashion, before getting back in contact with us, please check your junk/spam mail folder. Often we have found that our replies end up here for customers with sensitive filters.

If your reply has not been found here, please get back in contact with us again and add the title “NO CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE” in the in the message subject field or first line of the email.

Simply copy your original message in the email and we will make this our top priority.

Business/Media Inquiries 2016-10-09T23:51:11+00:00

If you're trying to get in contact with Alyse Scaffidi or any of our BBL Team Members for business or media opportunities please email support@bitesizedfitness.com.

Include “Business Inquiry” in the in the message subject field or first line of the email.

The correct contact will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us 2016-10-10T00:00:25+00:00

If you're looking to get in contact with BBL’s Customer Care team you can do so by emailing us at support@bitesizedfitness.com.

Please ensure that your answer has not been answered in the FAQs section before submitting any questions. We will get back to you in 1-3 business days.

Promotional Codes & Special Offers 2016-10-17T16:56:09+00:00

If you have been provided a promotional code, you will need to enter this code during the checkout process.


We're unable to apply a discount code to an order that was made more than 24 hours prior to the code being activated. If your purchase falls within 24 hours, please reach out to us at support@bitesizedfitness.com for a one-time price adjustment.

How Do I Cancel My Membership? 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

You're more than welcome to cancel your BBL subscription, but we will be sad to see you go.

To cancel your subscription, email us at support@bitesizedfitness.com with the title “Cancellation” in the message subject field or first line of the email.

You will receive a cancelation email confirmation after we have processed your cancelation.

Cancelations are effective at the end of your current paid period, but access remains through the current paid period. Once you have cancelled your subscription, no further payments will be taken from your account and your subscription will expire at the end of your subscription period.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service, so if you do choose to cancel we would appreciate your feedback.

Is This Course Only for Weight Loss? 2016-10-09T23:46:43+00:00

No, BBL is for anyone who wants to create a strong, confident bikini body!

Our course is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, which commonly involves some amount of weight loss.

For those who don’t need to lose weight, you’ll learn how to create a balanced meal plan and workout routine that promotes the development of lean muscle.

Will I Get Results? 2016-10-09T23:46:28+00:00

You should expect to see noticeable results within a few short weeks.

Even more importantly, you’ll feel better IMMEDIATELY upon starting your new lifestyle.

Your confidence will soar, you’ll feel more energetic, and your clothes will start fitting better!

Remember, you can’t expect to give 50% effort and get 100% of the results.

Saving Digital Downloads To My Iphone Or Tablet 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

If you wish to access the digital resources from your phone and/or tablet, then you'll need to download a PDF-friendly application, such as DropBox or iBooks.

Once the resource is open on your phone, tap the screen. This should cause additional options to pop up on the screen.

Select the ‘Open in..’ option and then select the DropBox or iBooks icon. This should open a new window.

Select ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Hard Copy Delivery 2017-07-04T12:16:47+00:00

All of our courses can be viewed online from any electronic device with Internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We do not provide hard copies.

You can view your execution plans immediately after your purchase by logging into your online account.

I Deactivated My Facebook Account Linked To My Account Here 2016-10-09T23:43:09+00:00

If you deactivate your Facebook account used to create your BBL account, get in contact with our friendly team by emailing us at support@bitesizedfitness.com and we will be able to change your account over to an email address of your choice.

What Connection do I Need to Access BBL? 2017-02-13T08:03:49+00:00

You need at least a 3G or wifi connection to load the contents of your dashboard, workouts and articles. The better your connection, the faster the videos and resources will load!

Failed Payments 2017-07-04T12:16:48+00:00

You payment may be declined for a number of reasons, so double check to:

  • Ensure you have sufficient funds on the card you’re using.
  • Ensure the card details entered are correct. You may have entered the wrong card number, expiration date, or CVV number by accident.
  • Ensure your bank didn’t deny the transaction without specifying a reason by contacting the number on the back of your card.

If it’s not due to any of these reasons above, then please email us at support@bitesizedfitness.com with the title “Trouble Purchasing” in the in the message subject field or first line of the email.

Our helpful Customer Care team will be able to assist you.

How Do I Change The E-Mail Address Linked To My Account? 2017-07-04T12:16:48+00:00

If you have accidentally used an incorrect email address when purchasing your online course, we are more than happy to change the email address for you.

Please get in touch with us by sending an email to support@bitesizedfitness.com with the title “Change Email Address” in the message subject field or first line of the email.

We’ll also be able to get you an answer sooner if you include the following information:

Full name

  • Membership purchased
  • Home mailing address
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card associated with the purchase.
  • Old/invalid email address
  • New/correct email address
How Long Will I Have Access To My Digital Downloads? 2016-10-09T23:36:49+00:00

No worries, our videos/downloads are always available to you as long as you are an active student!

If your computer crashes or you need to download them to another device, you can always find them in our “Gym Bag Resources” section.

How To Download Files 2017-07-04T12:16:48+00:00

We have a large number of videos/downloads available on our website and you may experience a slight delay while the computer “fetches” your files.

Your resources should load, but it may take up to 10 minutes. Do not hit the refresh button during this time or it will restart the process.

Here are some other helpful tips that will help you retrieve your videos/downloads faster:

  • Ensure you have a strongInternet connection since these are large files.
  • Do not click the play/download more than
  • Savethe files to your computer/iPhone for easy access using a PDF-friendly application, such as DropBox or iBooks.
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On your computer, check to see if you're still connected to the Internet. Make sure your device has a connection to network data or Wi-Fi.

Sometimes, your Internet browser may be trying to do too much, causing webpages to open slowly. Try closing all windows and relaunching our webpage.

If restarting didn't fix the problem, them email us at support@bitesizedfitness.com and we’ll work to find a solution.

Include "Website Content Won’t Load" in the message subject field or first line of the email.

We’ll also be able to get you an answer sooner if you include the following information:

  1. What device you’re using (iPhone, Macbook, Android)
  1. What browser you’re using (Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  1. A screen shot of the error you are receiving
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Email/Password Error
If you’re logging in with your email and experiencing problems, you can reset the password to your account using the 'Forgot My Password' option at the login screen.


Get in contact with our friendly team by emailing us at
support@bitesizedfitness.com and we’ll be able to assist you.


Unable To Access Website 2016-10-09T23:29:52+00:00

If you are unable to access the execution plans following your purchase, please contact us by emailing support@bitesizedfitness.com. Our helpful Customer Care team will be able to assist you.


Include "No Access to Execution Plans" in the message subject field or first line of the email.


We’ll also be able to get you an answer sooner if you include the following information:


1. What device you’re using (iPhone, Macbook, Android)


2. What browser you’re using (Firefox, Internet Explorer)


3. A screen shot of the error you are receiving