Kayleigh was struggling to maintain a consistent routine with a rigorous work schedule (typically 12 hour shifts). She really wanted stick to something long-term, so she decided to join a 24-hour gym that would make it easy for her to complete nighttime workouts.

When Kayleigh first started her fitness journey she was a full time student traveling an hour each day to classes and still somehow managing to work over 40 hours a week.

Like many of us, she questioned HOW and IF she would be able to squeeze in a workout with this jam-packed schedule!

Kayleigh got creative and found a solution to her problem. She started multi-tasking and combined cardio and studying (which is exactly what I used to do in college).

When she was completely drained and just wanted to lay on the couch, she would see our amazing girls kicking butt and it motivated her to do the same. She realized that if other people could do it, then she wasn’t going to let excuses stop her from success!

Since Kayleigh is also a #bitesized chick, standing a strong 5 feet tall, she finds its refreshing to see other petite women with fit and healthy bodies, especially since most women on social media are very tall.

Plus, she also has a booty that she is very proud of!