I’m 24 years old, I am a physician assistant, and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My fitness journey has taken place over the past 8 years.

I’ve been very active in my life through high school and college. I was always “skinny” without trying, most likely because of my extra-curricular activities. When I was in college, my health was never a concern.

Do you know what all these transformations have in common? It’s not that they everyone lost the same amount of weight in the exact same time period. It’s not that they all saw the exact same results or that their transformations all look exactly the same. It’s that each one of these ladies worked their butts off to change their lives and they did it with the help of #BiteSizedFitness and the entire #BiteSizedArmy ?? When I post transformation pictures, they are real life examples of the multitude of results you can see using our program. Sure, some people see results faster than other. Yes, some changes are more dramatic than others. But all are the result of weeks of dedication and a commitment to live a happier, healthier lifestyle ? www.bitesizedfitness.com/guides

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I gained the freshman 15, but never really noticed at first – not until my family pointed it out! I exercised for cheerleading, but didn’t do anything extra and had a very poor diet.

My weight has fluctuated between 120-145 pounds after high school. Even though my weight never got “out of control” I eventually started looking at pictures thinking I wasn’t as skinny as I thought I was when standing next to my friends from college.

When I gave up cheerleading my last year of undergrad, I was doing my best to exercise at lunch time for 30 minutes on the elliptical, maybe 3 times a week. I was familiar with weight lifting because of cheerleading, but I never wanted to be “bulky” so I never did anything more than what was required at practice.

Fast forward to late in my college career I moved around a lot for my clinical rotations for PA school. I lived in at least 5 different places in 2013, which made it difficult to develop any kind of routine.

I also ate whatever was available, aka way too many carbs, no protein and a lot of fast food. I would exercise for 2 weeks at a time and get frustrated when I wasn’t seeing any results, and then I would just give up.

After graduation my fiancé and I moved into our first apartment, which has a gym 50 feet from our front door! I started to buy healthy foods, but still wasn’t doing much exercise even with the included gym. I would attend an occasional yoga class, spin class, or work out in our spare bedroom.

My fiancé was running regularly, which naturally motivated me to exercise more frequently, but once again I wasn’t seeing results. My whole family was also losing weight at this time! My mom, sister and aunt collectively lost almost 100 pounds! It was super motivational for me, being the soon-to-be bride and all.

Our wedding was planned for spring 2014, so I was trying to get “in shape” while planning. I got down to 133 pounds before the wedding and I was happy with that weight (the lowest weight I’ve been since college).

Not sure what my body fat percentage was, because I didn’t track it at that point. Our wedding came and went so quickly.


After the wedding, my weight went right back up to 140-143.

We were eating “healthy” for the most part, grilled chicken and veggies a lot of times, however I stopped exercising altogether. I had zero motivation for exercise.

It wasn’t until the end of 2014, again after looking back at pictures, I thought, “I really need to get my act together and start trying to look like all these women I follow on Instagram,” no joke, (if it weren’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t be where I am today).

I completed the first 2 weeks and felt awesome, so I continued my membership and it was the best decision I could have made. I switched to the new intermediate gym program just 7 weeks ago and I feel AMAZING!!

I was weighing myself once every 2 weeks over the past 2 months and staying at 135-133 consistently, so I stopped caring about the number on the scale and focused more on the body fat percentage. With weight-lifting, my body fat percentage just keeps dropping, I’m currently at 26.8% body fat and my weight currently fluctuates between 128-132 pounds.

I’m lifting weights 4 days a week (following the intermediate gym program), ab exercises twice a week, HIIT workouts twice per week and walk our dog for at least 20-30 min 3-4 times a week. My point of all of this is that NOTHING I was doing was working until I found BiteSizedFitness!

With the dietary guidelines/meal plans, it’s so easy to follow what Alyse has created. I have never been so confident and happy with what I see in the mirror.

I never thought my success in fitness would help me in my occupation as well, benefiting my patients.

I tell the women interested in trying something different about BiteSizedFitness hoping it will help others the way it has helped me!

Regular exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease!

My fitness journey has been all about baby steps. I found that I have less success if I try to throw myself into something.

I love being a part of the #BiteSizedArmy because there’s so much support within this network of women.

It’s motivating to see others reaching goals and to know that others could possibly be inspired by my transformation as well.

When you share your success with others and they express excitement for you, that’s HUGE, hands down one of the best feelings!

I’m not done yet!