Why did you decide to make a change?

For me it started years ago. I joined a gym and took classes. I got myself in pretty good shape. Then I got pregnant and gave it all up. I was not a woman who was dedicated enough to keep working out pregnant. Then after the baby came I just got super lazy. After I got on the scale and read 150… I knew I had to do something.

What happened in your life that eventually led to you being unsatisfied with your health and physical appearance?

I was in my mid 30's and the mom to two girls. I was going through life and gaining weight, but not really caring. Then I saw a picture of myself at my daughters 1st birthday. I cried I was so upset with how I looked I couldn't believe I had let myself go.

I used the excuse I am so busy, there is not any time to workout. I found every excuse to not start a program, but I finally tried something. I started walking, and walking, and walking but NOTHING was coming off. It was so upsetting, then I started eating only 1200 calories a day, and I dropped a few pounds (but not a lot).

In January 2014, I joined a gym. I started as a cardio bunny, but I wasn’t losing weight, then I started using the weight machines and I started to notice a difference. In August I found BiteSizedFitness and am on week 8 now. I have doubled up on a few weeks because of illness or what not, but since August I have lost an amazing amount of weight… 8 pounds in the first 10 weeks to be exact!!

Once you were healthy, how did your life change for the better?

Everything is better. My new clothes, my husband who is so proud of me and can't stop telling me how hot I am. My girls know the gym is important and know being fit is awesome. Life is overall better! People come to me for advise and that is so cool!

What was the most helpful about BiteSizedFitness?

I love the plans most of all! The workout plans change all the time and I don't get bored. I feel like each week have a great plan moving forward. The meal plans are fantastic too! I think having women doing the same thing as you is also amazing!! As you can see from above it has been the catalyst for my huge change. I have lost more weight and dropped more inches since I started and I am so excited!

What’s your current week look like?

I have two little girls age 6 and 2 1/2, two dogs and cat, a husband, I am active in my church, and I work full time. For my career I currently am support for my companies sales and technical operations vice presidents, as well as our top sales representatives. On top of that I have a brother with ALS, who lives in town and I try to see as much as possible. To say I am busy is an understatement! However there are no excuses when it comes to fitness.