All of us at BiteSizedFitness were touched by Karen's journey towards becoming a stronger and more confident young woman.

 “Bitesizedfitness has been there when no one else believed in me and I'm so thankful for providing us with so much information and workouts to help us achieve our goals . I've never felt this comfortable in my skin and I can truly say I wouldn't be here if I didn't have your support.” - Katherine H.

Starting at a very young age, Katherine was bullied by her so-called “friends” and even from her family (especially her mom) about her weight and appearance.

At home, she was consistently reminded that no one would be willing to date her if she looked the way she did. At school, she was made fun of by other students and afraid to eat around them due to fear of judgment.

Neither of which are things ANY young woman should have to suffer through.

Katherine eventually decided she was tired of having other damage her self-esteem and that’s when she began adopting a healthier lifestyle.

By making one change at a time, such as signing up for swimming lessons, cutting out junk foods (like soda and candy), and researching workout videos, she was on her way to becoming a more confident person.

Katherine has been following our workouts for the past few months and loving them! I was so happy to hear that we have provided her with the support and motivation needed to keep pushing herself to bigger and better goals.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy… especially since it’s not an immediate change.

But remember, real results take time.

You’ve just got to keep trying (one day at a time) and realize you’re getting closer and closer to your goals.

If you’re struggling to find a reason to keep moving forward, Katherine is a great example of someone who wouldn't give up even when others tried to bring her down!