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Make this the year<br> you change your<br> life forever!

Make this the year
you change your
life forever!

Take the #BiteSizedChallenge
<small>Take the</small> #BiteSizedChallenge

Take the #BiteSizedChallenge

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Take the #BiteSizedChallenge

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Success stories

I transformed my life. Now you can too!

After gaining an unwanted 15 pounds in college, I tried countless fad diets without any long-term success. The constant yo-yo dieting was frustrating, upsetting, and just plain old discouraging. Like many of you, I wanted an easy-to-follow program specific for women...

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Success stories

Finally, a plan that’s perfect for busy women!

I was an athlete growing up, so I never had to worry about gaining weight. Then I landed my first job... and an unwanted 20 pound bonus! I lost all of my motivation. Even worse, I had no idea how to eat healthy or workout at the gym. That’s when I decided to take the #BiteSizedChallenge...

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Success stories

Half my size in 12 weeks. The Healthy Way.

In the past, any desiret o change my body was fueled by self-loathing. I always wanted to look like someone else and almost cried when I saw photos of myself. Last summer, I took the #BiteSizedchallenge and it has been a life changing experience. Now, I just want to be...

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Success stories

I overcame my food addiction - and it Feels Great!

I’ve always liked food way too much. Happy, sad, angry, anxious, excited - every mood was the perfect opportunity to “treat” myself. But as I gained weight, my self-confidence sank lower and lower. I HATED my body. I was afraid I’d be stuck binge eating and then crash dieting forever. I’m happy to say, I was wrong..

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Programs claiming weight loss of more than 2 lbs per week are simply unhealthy crash diets. Weight is gained back 99% of the time.

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The Big Lies Hiding in Lose Weight Fast Programs

Lose Weight SLOW   Forget Lose-Weight Quick Programs. Here’s Why You Want to Lose Weight Slowly… You’ve all seen these advertisements before: Lose 10 pounds…

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[ALERT]: These ‘Healthy’ Foods That Can Also Make You Fat

Healthy Foods That Can Make You Fat I’ve seen too many people making this mistake lately, so I wanted to make sure none of our…

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What’s Up With Going Gluten Free? Is It Healthy? Here’s An Honest Take

Are Gluten-Free Foods Healthy? Over the past decade there’s been a huge rise in the popularity and availability of gluten-free foods. All you need to…

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Drink Protein Shakes

Are You Afraid to Drink Protein Shakes? Most women have no problem eating… – Packaged products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce – Food off…

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